¿Quién usa BCMS?

Este software es utilizado por las organizaciones más grandes del mundo en diversos sectores, tales como finanzas, inversión, servicios públicos, telecomunicaciones, sector público, autoridades locales, entre muchos más.

¿Qué es BCMS?

C2 es un proveedor de software de continuidad empresarial establecido y con un compromiso continuo con sus clientes para evolucionar a la par del mercado. El objetivo de este software es proporcionar soluciones intuitivas e innovadoras para el mercado global de resiliencia empresarial y dar nueva forma al sector.

BCMS, un software de gestión de continuidad empresarial, es utilizado para brindar alivio y ayuda con la gestión diaria de los requisitos de continuidad empresarial de las organizaciones.

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Fundada en 2002

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BCMS: implementación y asistencia


  • E-mail/Help Desk
  • Asistencia telefónica
  • Asistencia 24/7
  • Chat


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Mac (desktop)
  • Windows (desktop)
  • Android (móvil)
  • iPhone (móvil)
  • iPad (móvil)


  • En persona
  • En directo en línea
  • Seminarios web
  • Documentación

Funciones de BCMS

  • API
  • Alertas de correo electrónico
  • Alertas de móvil
  • Alertas de riesgo
  • Alertas y notificaciones
  • Almacenamiento de documentos
  • Almacenamiento seguro de datos
  • Búsqueda/filtro
  • Cifrado
  • Compatibilidad con varios sistemas
  • Compatibilidad de varios formatos
  • Compresión
  • Control de la cantidad de almacenamiento
  • Control de versiones
  • Copia de seguridad automática
  • Copia de seguridad continua
  • Copia de seguridad incremental
  • Copia de seguridad y recuperación
  • Creación de informes en tiempo real
  • Creación de informes y estadísticas
  • Estrategia de retenciones
  • Evaluación de riesgos
  • Gestión de almacenamiento de datos
  • Gestión de auditorías
  • Gestión de flujos de trabajo
  • Gestión de incidentes
  • Gestión de la conformidad
  • Gestión de políticas
  • Gestión de tareas
  • Importación y exportación de datos
  • Informes personalizables
  • Integraciones de terceros
  • Métricas de rendimiento
  • Notificaciones en tiempo real
  • Opciones del servidor local
  • Opciones del servidor remoto
  • Panel de actividades
  • Programación de copias de seguridad
  • Reconocimiento óptico de caracteres
  • Recuperación de datos
  • Recuperación de desastres
  • Registro de copia de seguridad
  • Replicado de datos
  • Restauración y acceso web
  • Seguimiento de estado
  • Seguridad SSL
  • Sincronización de datos
  • Supervisión
  • Supervisión en tiempo real
  • Transferencia de archivos

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Tim W.
Tim W.
Head of Corporate Security in Francia
Usuario de Linkedin verificado
Banca, 5,001-10,000 empleados
Used the Software for: Más de un año
Fuente de la reseña

C2 Application for Business Continuity Management

5 hace 3 años

Comments: C2 is an application designed to manage a business continuity management system from a to z.
We have been using C2 since November 2017, using it to implement an ISO 22301 compliant BCMS within 12 months.
Customer and technical support are excellent, reacting very fast and effectively.


Plan management is greatly simplified, with data entry only necessary at BIA level. Accessibility via internet and mobile app. Dash board showing status of BCMS at a glance.


Report module could be improved, especially the filters. Process or activity (inter-)dependencies are not linked (no process/activity landscape).

Continuity2 Response

hace 3 años

Hi Tim, We greatly appreciate you taking the time to review our software. Your opinion is extremely important to us and we rely on client feedback in order to continuously make improvements. We were so excited to be able to take you through to ISO 22301 compliance, particularly as you are the first private customer bank/second bank in Germany to have achieved this accreditation. We are thankful for your constructive criticism around the reporting modules. This is something we have taken on board and are actively working on to implement improvements. Kind regards, Aimee Business Risk and Resilience Analyst

Paul G.
BCRM Manager in RU
Seguros, 10,000+ empleados
Used the Software for: Más de un año
Fuente de la reseña

C2 BCMS Review

5 hace 3 años

Comments: The benefits being realised are mass cascade very quickly, automated reporting through upfront testing criteria and the ability to auto send plan review/signoff emails.


The software is easy to use and has built in help if you are not clear on what is required in any particular field It provides many different layers of reporting should you require in depth reporting and governance capability People signing off the plans do not need to have direct system access, cutting down the number of potential user accounts you need to create and administer


Sometimes you have to do a manual push to update the plan when making amendments for the amendments to be transferred to the plan (this being reviewed though and believe it to be resolved during next software release). Current limited capability on the 'Invoke' button of the BCP The call tree cascades show the message coming from a UK mobile when sending outside of the UK, this means there is a potential for people to see it as 'spam' and not read the message (this is being extremely picky) None of the above are major issues and would not stop me from recommending the software

Continuity2 Response

hace 3 años

Hi Paul, We greatly appreciate you taking the time to review our software. Your opinion is extremely important to us, and we rely on client feedback in order to continuously make improvements. We are really pleased to hear that you have found the software easy to use, found the inbuilt support helpful and have made good use of the reporting and governance alignment capabilities. With regard to the challenges you have outlined ¿ we can confirm that we are working on the updating feature for release in the immediate future, and we certainly take the additional comments on board with regard to the Invoke button and call tree ¿ this is something we will discuss internally to improve. From an overall sense we are delighted to have you on board and that your experience with the software is a positive one! Thanks again, Aimee Business Risk and Resilience Analyst

Lynsey P.
UK Corporate BC Management Lead in RU
Tecnología y servicios de la información, 5,001-10,000 empleados
Used the Software for: Más de dos años
Fuente de la reseña

Your typical user

3 hace 2 años

Comments: The build of the system was more difficult than initially anticipated. With the changes happening within the software, this has caused confusion and a cause of user confidence lacking. C2 as a company is very supportive and will do everything they can to ensure their customers have what they need to use the software and without this, I would have struggled, more than I did.


It is compliant to ISO22301 and the customer care is exceptional. it is everything you need in "one box".


Complicated initially to set up and there have been regular changes within the software, that has caused confusion. I now understand that this is because request from other user have been implemented but no new release notes have been issued.

Harry T.
Global Head Business Continuity in Polonia
Marketing y publicidad, 10,000+ empleados
Used the Software for: Más de dos años
Fuente de la reseña

C2 implementation and use

4 hace 3 años

Comments: In my view there are two typical approaches to Business Continuity Management and planning: • Document incident-response resources and the procedures that explain what to do, how to do it and whom to notify. • Implement BCMS software to assist in the design, implementation and enduring control of the BCMS. Within a typical BCMS, the documentation approach has been the traditional plan-building method. This method involves significant resource gathering input from the business units on which systems and operations are critical, compiling a business impact analysis, an incident response plan, call lists, and recovery solutions and procedures. This normally resides on the shared drive ready for stakeholder use. Continity2 controls the analysis and planning process. When fully implemented, all of Business Continuity and Incident Management people, resources and business needs will be represented as data elements and stored within software’s database. The creation of Plan templates, management of contacts and BCMS governance has been a real benefit. For a global organisation, delivering a consistent methodology and approach with uniformed Plan delivery demonstrates to our external interested parties that we have a Global BCMS, not a desperate system based on out of date analysis and documentation.


It is important to start with, ‘what you put in is what you will get out’. C2 is a structured approach to BIA formulation to Plan completion, the more detail, time and effort you apply, the better the resulting Plan output. Work at the outset is required to ensure that you recognise how C2 functions as this will help you formulate the organisational structure. Once you have completed the initial ground work, C2 is very easy to add, remove and modify the structure to meet the requirements of the Plan you intend to use within your organisation. One of the things I like about this application is the simplistic dashboard. The front end appears from sign-on and this can be tailored to suit user needs, so they only see what they need to see. Another key benefit is the provision of additional functionality that supports the Plans during validation and invocation. The benefit of having one system that can be configured to suit organisational complexity, provide Plan governance, has the ability to communicate to all Plan members, additional internal and external stakeholders using SMS, e-mail and forced voice call is a real plus.


There are not many downsides to the C2 software, but one area that does cause functionality frustration, is organisational BIA. This function is great if you have an organisation that does the same activity multiple times over multiple locations. However, if this is not the case, the organisational BIA will apply constraints when trying to make organisation structure changes, removing departments, activities etc. requiring the user to modify the organisational BIA structure in order to complete a front end structure change. The ability to interface with other business systems, such as Active Directory would also benefit the application so that users do not have to remember multiple login details. However, password security can be configured to meet the needs of the business, but this would act as a separate instance.

Continuity2 Response

hace 3 años

Hi Harry, We greatly appreciate you taking the time to review our software. Your opinion is extremely important to us and we rely on client feedback in order to continuously make improvements. It is great to hear that our easy to use dashboard, enhanced functionality within plan management and integrated communications tools have been of key benefit when utilising our software in your BCMS. Regarding your feedback on organisational BIA, we would love to discuss this with you in more detail, please contact us so that we can arrange this. Many thanks, Arlene Technical Analyst

Steven W.
IT Risk Analyst in RU
Logística y cadena de suministro, 10,000+ empleados
Used the Software for: Más de dos años
Fuente de la reseña

Business Continuity Management software

4 hace 3 años

Comments: The software has proved invaluable in supporting the rollout of our business continuity management programme. The structured way in which the BIA is presented to the end user from understanding the business activity to identifying its resource requirements and then to considering the recovery strategy makes it easy for non-BC personnel to understand. Being able to take that data and present it back in the BCP through the dynamic template is most cost and time efficient.


The structured way in which BCP's are created; taking the data captured through the BIA's and presenting it into the BC plans via the dynamic template eliminating the need for copy and paste. Once you get your dynamic template formatted as you like it can be used for the basis of all your plans giving a common look and feel.


The organisational structure offers some challenges to a large scale implementation and causes some difficulties in representing changes to the organisational structure of the company itself. The dynamic templates can take some getting right with the formatting, but once in place they do the job.

Continuity2 Response

hace 3 años

Hi Steven, We greatly appreciate you taking the time to review our software. Your opinion is extremely important to us and we rely on client feedback in order to continuously make improvements. We are always happy to receive customer feedback or requests for improvement, so we will take your comment regarding organisational structure on board with a view to improving our customer experience. Kind regards, Callum Technical Analyst